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D. Francesco Pinton
Sales Manager
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Onyx Solar is a technology driven company developing smart solar solutions for building integrated photovoltaics (BIPV). Those solutions include the photovoltaic ventilated façade and roof, as well as the fi rst to market photovoltaic walkable roof, combining active (energy generation) and passive elements (energy saving) and being installed in more than fi fteen countries around the World.

The solutions replace conventional constructive materials, such as glass, ceramic or stone; for another material with photovoltaic properties which can be customized almost with endless possibilities. Thus, the photovoltaic glass can be designed in different sizes, thicknesses, colors and degrees of semi-transparencies.

Currently, these solutions have been installed in iconic projects in Spain as well as abroad. Among the projects there is a genomic center for Pfi zer, Junta de Andalucía and Granada University or the San Antón Market, in Madrid. Abroad, a photovoltaic skylight was installed in Madrid’s Pavilion during the Shanghai Universal Expo and, more recently, in the US a photovoltaic glass was customized for a project in Union City, San Francisco. It was installed in a Rapid Transit station near Silicon Valley.


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Castilla y León Renewable Energy and Energy Solutions Cluster.

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